1. Seeing You

From the recording Seeing You

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Well, I'm sorry about this bad timing.
Is patience the virtue here,
Or do we bulldoze down the house,
Try to make this mountain into a mole hill?

You get cuter and you get cuter
As you grow on and on and on.
More womanly, ya sure,
But you're more of an ignited dawn.

And no matter where I look
Or how I feel I always end up seeing you.

You know, I always end up
Seeing you.

Little Katie loves little Matthew
And he loves her back so strong.
But wires get crossed up sometimes
And things seem so wrong.

If you're the love of my life,
Why am I killing you?
And if you're the love of mine,
Tell me why am I in this dark room?

I close my eyes so dam tight
That I'm looking at me.
Then I'll open them up
And see things as bright as I can possibly see.

You know, I always end up seeing you.